Following a gluten-free diet can be tough, particularly when bread is off the menu. Fortunately, there is a way to carry out eating bread when you can’t consume gluten. Bread made with cricket flour is ideal for anyone suffering from celiac disease or intolerance. Unlike wheat flour, flour made from crickets contains no gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye grains. It’s what helps the foods to hold their shape, acting as a glue to hold them together. Gluten is found in many everyday foods, including bread, pasta, cereals, and cakes.

Avoiding it can be difficult. However, it’s important for many people to do so, especially if they suffer from coeliac disease. This condition causes your immune system to react to gluten and damage your gut. Inflammation occurs in the intestines, disrupting the body’s ability to take in food. If you’re a coeliac, you must avoid gluten for life, with a gluten-free diet the only way to treat it.

These days, it’s not just coeliacs who don’t eat gluten. The gluten-free diet is becoming increasingly popular, with million’s of people around the world going gluten-free.

The good news is that you can eat many foods on this diet. As well as tucking into fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables, you can eat gluten-free food substitutes which don’t contain gluten. Bread is one of these, with many people choosing products made from cricket flour instead.

Cricket flour – the secret to delicious gluten-free bread

Whilst most breads on the supermarket shelves contain gluten, it is possible to find gluten-free options which taste just as good. Or, even, better, you can make your own delicious bread using cricket flour. At Hoppa, we stock our very own cricket protein baking flour, which is perfect for making breads, cakes, biscuits, and so much more.

Made from 100% natural cricket powder, it’s a naturally gluten-free baking flour. This means you can enjoy eating bread without experiencing all those nasty side effects brought on by gluten. You’ll find many great ideas on our website for our cricket flour – why not take a look and start planning some recipes?

Crickets – superfoods rich in protein

Crickets are fast becoming the magic ingredient in many dishes for those intolerant to gluten. Extremely versatile, they can be milled and processed to make a wide range of foods which were previously off the menu. As well as being used to make flour for breads and other baked goods, they also go into cricket pasta to make it much it much more protein-rich.

Crickets are the best food for protein, packed with high levels of this vital nutrient. So, if you want to be able to enjoy bread and other foods which are not only gluten-free but full of protein and vitamins, we recommend you try our cricket flour.