Do you think eating crickets is unnatural? Then you’re not alone. Many Westerners are still averse to this protein-rich food source, despite the many health and environmental benefits it can bring. The truth is that eating crickets is a lot more natural than you think. Read on to find out why.

People have enjoyed eating insects for centuries

If you think that eating insects is wrong, you’re actually in the minority. People have enjoyed chowing down on insects throughout history, and many cultures still do today.

Centuries ago, hunters ate insects to survive, learning what they could safely eat by watching what animals ate. In ancient times, even the Romans and Greeks ate insects, with one of the most popular dishes being beetle larvae raised on wine and flour.

Eating insects may be an old tradition, but it’s one that has continued to this day. They’re considered a useful food in many countries across the world, particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In fact, more than half of the world’s popular relish eating insects like crickets.

Times are changing in Western cultures

Whilst it’s still rare in Western cultures, times are changing fast. More and more people realising just how valuable insects can be to our diets and the environment. An important source of sustainable protein, crickets and other bugs are a fantastic way of upping our intake of this vital nutrient.

Crickets are available as food in a variety of different forms, including cricket flour, protein powder, and cricket pasta. At Hoppa, we supply a fantastic range of superfoods rich in protein, all fuelled by crickets.

Important nutritional benefits

You only have to look at the many nutritional benefits that insects such as crickets can bring to consider adding them to your diet. Packed with more protein than foods such as chicken and eggs, as well as healthy fats and important vitamins, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming an increasingly popular food choice.

The environmental benefits of eating crickets should be considered too. They’re one of the most sustainable protein sources and could be a big part of the solution to the planet’s overpopulation in the coming years.

Breaking the cultural taboo

It’s easy to see why some people are still unsure about adding edible insects like crickets to their diets. After all, we’re taught at a young age to be wary of bugs. We’re warned that wasps can sting us, that flies transmit diseases, and that spiders bite. These messages are reinforced as we age.

They’re also commonly viewed as pests, especially in farming communities where they’re considered to be crop destroyers. However, opinions are shifting in the West to become more aligned with other countries around the world.

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