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Cricket Baking Flour

(20 customer reviews)

Deliciously high protein baking flour made from 100% natural cricket powder.


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  • More than 60% protein
  • Naturally low in sugar (almost 0%)
  • Rich in many essential nutrients such as amino acids, omegas, and vitamin B12
  • No artificial ingredients or other nasties
  • Gluten and Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Paleo Friendly
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly source of protein

Deliciously high protein baking flour made from 100% natural cricket powder. With more than 60% protein, low sugar and naturally rich in many essential nutrients such as amino acids, omegas, and vitamin B12, Hoppa baking flour is the perfect complement to any regular or self-raising flour.

Nutrition facts

Serving Size: 50g

Total Fat11.5g23g
Saturated Fat4.35g8.7g
Mono Saturated Fat3.35g6.7g
Poly Unsaturated Fat3.8g7.6g
Trans Fat0.05g0.1g
Vitamin B121.46µg2.91µg

100% Cricket Powder (Whole Acheta Domesticus)

Allergen warning
For allergens see ingredients in bold. Individuals with a crustacean shellfish allergy may be allergic to crickets.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Suggested use
Mix Hoppa baking flour with regular or self-raising flour in 1:4 ratio (one part Hoppa flour to four parts regular flour) to bake delicious high-protein recipes. See our recipes for creative ideas.

Free from
Hoppa cricket protein powder is naturally free from gluten, dairy, soy, GMO and is paleo-friendly. Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

The Hoppa goodness
Our crickets are raised responsibly with complete traceability and are fed a high quality, nutritional diet. Cricket powder has a very mild taste with many people describing it as slightly nutty.

Additional information

Weight250 g
Dimensions180 × 45 × 230 mm

20 reviews for Cricket Baking Flour

  1. As a nutritionist I am seeking foods that plant based dieters can acquire B12 and protein without using supplements, cricket flour covers those two.

    Sandra (verified owner)

  2. auQueensland, Australia

    Putting a challenge out there to all our friends who like competing in ANZAC biscuit bake-offs. Interesting to see what they can come up with.

    Tim R. (verified owner)

  3. auAustralia

    Super easy to use, I put it in brownies which go in the kids lunch boxes, a good way to get them a protein hot during the day.

    Martin C. (verified owner)

  4. auQueensland, Australia

    Not yet used. Will be a supplement to increase protein intake for baby birds

    Cedric D’Costa (verified owner)

  5. auNew South Wales, Australia


    Kathleen M. (verified owner)

  6. auAustralia

    Since I’m on the Autoimmune protocol diet I avoid dairy and legumes. This rules out whey protein and pea protein. Cricket powder is the perfect option and because it’s 60% protein a small amount is just enough.

    LISA (verified owner)

  7. auNew South Wales, Australia

    excellent product & amazing delivery service

    jane (verified owner)

  8. auSouth Australia, Australia

    I wanna try something different and I reach the right company they are so good.

    karen Fonseca Marin (verified owner)

  9. auNew South Wales, Australia

    Second time buying Hoppa Flour. I personally didn’t use any of the first purchase until it was just about to expire. I use it in smoothies now. As the flavour is stronger than I thought it would be and I don’t like it (tried use in savoury homemade gluten-free flour wraps once and could still taste it) I add cacao or cocoa powder to mask the taste. I blend powders (50g hoppa 25-30 g pure cacao) with fruit (banana/berries) and coconut water in NutriBullet. This is one servings worth (30g protein). I don’t care much for recipes involving the cricket flour because I don’t think you can get much protein that way and I think the flavour ruins most recipes. You need a overpowering flavour to mask the crickets (like cacao). I also disagree with the marketing as meat, particularly grass fed beef (preferably regeneratively raised) is the best protein for humans and the planet but I do think the flour has it’s own place, offering a different protein option. Milk based protein powders generally upset sensitive stomachs and cause gas. I’m one of those people so the cricket flour is a perfect solution. I am going to keep using Hoppa Flour and see if I see any benefits to my health overall. I do question whether I am absorbing all the nutrients completely and if drinking the smoothies is worth it. So far I’m enjoying the quick breakfast option for work so that’s why I decided to buy again.

    Rebekah M. (verified owner)

  10. auSouth Australia, Australia

    Really nice, we use it in waffles and pancakes and in the kid’s smoothies.

    Wendy Barsdell (verified owner)

  11. auVictoria, Australia

    Great quality and great service

    Carolina Arias (verified owner)

  12. auAustralia

    Perfect for adding protein to my breakfast waffles. I am on a special diet and can’t consume off the shelf protein powders. This is a clean substitute and I’m very happy with the flavour.

    LISA (verified owner)

  13. auAustralia

    I added it to sweet muffins and they tasted good. Next time I use the flour I’ll add it to savoury baked goods.

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. auNew South Wales, Australia

    Use this mixed with normal bread flour to add protein to our loaf. Started off cautiously, at the rate of 50g in a total of 400g in the first loaf. (Hence can only give 4 stars at this stage.) Made the loaf a very attractive nut-brown colour with slight nutty flavour. Next loaf, will try it at the recommended rate of 1:4 (i.e. double).

    Alan Lane (verified owner)

  15. I wasn’t very pleased with this product at all.

    Ella (verified owner)

    • Hi Ella, sorry to hear that you were not very pleased with the cricket baking flour. We understand that you baked a banana bread recipe using cricket flour as a substitute and bi-carb soda and the banana bread did not turn out the way you had hoped!
      We usually recommend mixing the cricket flour with any regular or self-raising flour including gluten-free flour to get the right consistency for baking. Cricket flour on its own can be dense due to nutrient content and is best mixed with another flour when baking.
      Please visit our website for recipe options and suggestions.

      Team Hoppa (store manager)

  16. auNew South Wales, Australia

    very interesting taste.

    Leanne Morris (verified owner)

  17. auAustralia

    Outstanding product

    craig schmidt (verified owner)

  18. auVictoria, Australia

    Haven’t used this yet but looks good.

    Dahliyani Briedis (verified owner)

  19. auWestern Australia, Australia

    We are adding a bit of this flour when baking muffins.

    Jana (verified owner)

  20. Delicious taste!


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