Our everyday foods already contain bits of insects. I know you probably don’t believe us! But we’re not lying!

It sounds like a lie, but the FDA allows small amounts of insect bits into foods. Foods such as chocolate, wheat and coffee all contain varying amounts of insect.

So, if you’re eating insects already then why don’t you incorporate them into your diet actively?
Throughout the farming and packing of many of our common foods, plenty of bugs jump on board and hitch a ride. The average chocolate bar contains 74 bits of insect and it’s suggested that a cup of coffee can contain anywhere from 120 bits of insect. Tinned tomatoes, heads of broccoli and peanut butter are all get-away vehicles for insects. And if you enjoy a pint or two then trust us, you’re drinking even more!

If so many of our common foods contain insects, then why are we so scared to eat them voluntarily?

At a point in the not so distant past, it would have been commonplace for us to eat insects, however, now in the west we see eating insects as inferior and we see those that continue to do so as a regular part of their diet as primitive.

Those views are starting to change…more and more of us are starting to incorporate insects into our diets, and for good reason too! They’re highly nutritious, full of protein and have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Here at Hoppa we’ve done all the hard work and made it simple. The crickets have been finely milled down into a cricket gluten-free baking flour, a cricket pasta and a low sugar, natural, dairy-free protein powder. You can easily add them to your weekly menu by making a few small switches.

Food for thought? We think so!