Eating insects is becoming increasingly popular in the west. More and more people turning to bugs like crickets to help them lose weight and increase muscle. But did you know that as well as helping us improve our diets, it could also help to save the world? Eating insects (referred to as ‘entomophagy’) could play a vital part in sustaining the planet’s booming population.

Promoting sustainable living

Apart from helping us adopt a healthier diet and giving us a quick energy boost when needed, eating insects can promote a more sustainable way of life. Conventional livestock industries are unable to satisfy the huge worldwide demand for meat. So, it’s likely that we’ll need to turn to alternative protein sources before too long.

The world’s population is predicted to grow from seven to ten billion by 2050. This huge increase is set to put a major strain on food supplies globally. Therefore, it’s vital that new sources of sustainable protein, such as insects, can be incorporated into our diets.

Entomophagy requires fewer resources

The livestock industry accounts for around 70% of the world’s farming land, with roughly a third of it used to grow food for livestock. In comparison, cultivating insects requires far less space and feed, whilst also generating lower levels of greenhouse gases.

Adding insects to our diets means less of the world’s resources are required. Economically and environmentally, rearing insects is far more efficient than livestock. So, when you consider the issues the world is going to face in the future with food consumption, eating insects is inevitable.

Opening our minds (and stomachs)

With the world’s population booming, protein is likely to be in short supply in the coming years. For this reason, it’s essential that people begin to open their minds and consider alternative sources of this essential nutrient. By far the biggest potential for alternate proteins lies with insects, with crickets and mealworms some of the most popular choices on the menu.

Adding insects to our diets is relatively simple, with products such as cricket flour pasta readily available to buy online. However, the issue lies in people’s reluctance to try these foods, with many in Western countries carrying preconceived ideas about what it means to eat bugs.

Fortunately, times are changing and eating insects is becoming more normalised. Even more so, health-conscious individuals are recognising insects like crickets are one of the best high protein foods. 

Changing attitudes to eating insects

In non-Western cultures, insects are considered a valuable food source. They provide not just proteins, but healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals too. With opinions on eating insects rapidly changing in the West, it’s only a matter of time before crickets are making their way onto plates all across Australia. Why not take a look at our online shop to browse our fantastic selection of cricket protein foods?