Are you looking for ways to shrink your waistline? If so, you’re not alone. Many people in Australia and in fact around the world are looking to lose weight, with almost two-thirds of us overweight or obese. One of the best methods of getting trim is to adopt a high protein diet. Foods containing proteins help you feel fuller for longer, meaning you end up eating fewer calories throughout the day. Many dieters are turning to edible insects like crickets to get the protein they need. Crickets contain around 65% protein which is even higher than other popular protein sources such as chicken or beef.

Lose weight naturally with crickets

Since crickets are one of the most protein rich foods available, it makes sense to add them to your diet if you want to lose weight. Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss and achieving a healthier, better-looking body. Boosting your protein intake not only increases your metabolism, but it reduces your appetite and changes weight-regulating hormones.

By switching fats and carbs with more protein, you’ll reduce your hunger and feel more satiated. This reduction in hunger is the main reason that eating more protein helps you lose weight. You’ll end up eating fewer calories automatically.

Add crickets to your high protein diet

Protein is made up of units called amino acids. 22 of them exist, however, only nine of them are considered “essential”. This means they have to be consumed in the food we eat because the body isn’t able to make them. Some foods have a better amino acid profile, making them a better protein source. Crickets are one of these, containing all the essential amino acids in the optimum amounts that the body needs.

How to eat crickets when losing weight

Many people aren’t sure how to add crickets to their high protein diet. However, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. Crickets are available to buy in many forms, with one of the most popular being cricket flour. Crickets can be milled and processed to make a fantastic gluten-free baking flour, allowing you to make everything from breads to cakes and biscuits. Cricket pasta is a good option too, with this versatile food ideal for adding to soups and salads as well as hearty pasta dishes.

The best protein powder for weight loss

At Hoppa, we also stock cricket protein powder which is great for making your own shakes. We suggest drinking protein shakes for breakfast in the morning. Your body needs protein in the morning as it helps to kickstart your metabolism, helping to burn off calories and fat throughout the day. Cricket protein shakes are also good for consuming after exercise, particularly if you’re trying to build muscle at the same time. 

If you’re ready to add the best protein food to your diet and kickstart your weight loss journey, check out our product range at today.