Happy New Year from everyone here at Hoppa. We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive period and are now looking forward to 2020 and what the year holds for us all.

The start of a new year brings about optimism – and thoughts of what lies ahead. Often, for many of us, we head into the new year with a plan to change our lifestyle and to up-level our health. Hands up if that’s you?

Don’t worry – here at Hoppa, we’ve got you covered, we’ve got heaps of suggestions and ways you can incorporate crickets into your diet to take your health to the next level. The health benefits of eating crickets are endless. They are a healthy protein and have a low impact on the earth! Crickets are high in Calcium, Zinc and Heme Iron (the one which is well absorbed). See what we mean?

Switching your regular pasta to Hoppa’s Cricket Pasta is one simple which you can do this. Our pasta is a superfood that is high in protein. It contains twice the amount of protein as usual pasta. It is dairy and soy-free and contains many Omegas, Amino Acids and Vitamin B12. Switching your usual pasta to Hoppa’s more nutrient-dense one is a very effortless way to make your evening meal a lot healthier. The options are endless, but the office favourite here is arrabbiata – nice and spicy. Don’t forget to practise portion control though!

Maybe you love to bake? Why not make your baking a lot healthier by replacing some of the regular flour with Hoppa’s Cricket Flour.

Our cricket flour is a gluten-free baking flour, it’s simply 100% ground up, roasted crickets which can be added into anything. It can be used in bread, muffins, pancakes…or anything else you love to bake!

Pizza night? Why not replace a cup of your usual flour with a cup of our cricket flour to turn treat night into the guilt-free night. With more than 60% protein, this is a great option if you’ve hit the gym that day! Pizza perfection.

There you have it. It really is that easy to up-level your health this year by making some simple switches to your usual store cupboard staples. There’s no better time to start than now, so give crickets a go, you won’t regret it!