Everyday we are reminded of the impact we are having on our planet; this is due to many factors. Unfortunately, a large part of this happens due to food production. There’s a connection between the food we eat regularly, climate change and our water supply. Scientists have proven it. Animal agriculture typically uses a lot of water and land, resources which sadly are depleting.

What if there were another way?

There is another way! Anyone that has concerns about how their meat consumption effects the environment will be pleased to know that there is an answer, the answer to this conundrum is crickets!

Crickets use a lot less of the earth’s resources than many other popular farmed sources of protein like chicken and beef.  When crickets are farmed in an innovative way, they can be more efficient to raise than meat substitutes like soy, corn and rice.

Crickets require less water, less feed, less time and produce less greenhouse gasses than farming the more traditional animals for human consumption. The good news is crickets can offer the same amount of protein without causing a fraction of the destruction we see to the environment due to traditional farming.

Another reason that crickets are good for the planet is that they can be fed waste products such as banana peel and rice peels that would normally be destined for the bin. As no animal feed needs to be farmed for the crickets this further reduces their footprint on the planet.

Crickets are a sustainable food that are high in protein, very healthy for us and for our planet. Have you tried Hoppa’s range of superfoods rich in protein yet? You’ve got more reasons to now!