More and more of us are opting to cut out meat and dairy from our diets for environmental reasons.

How does eating crickets weigh up vs eating plants alone?
Crickets are high in protein, full of omegas and contain plenty of B12. A well managed plant-based diet can provide protein and some omegas, but it does not provide B12. Omegas provided by a plant-based diet must be converted which is often extremely ineffective and therefore it is highly recommended that those following a plant-based diet take both a B12 and an omega supplement. Crickets are a complete protein which can offer more nutrients and vitamins than plants whilst still having a small environmental footprint.

What about those who eat plant-based for animal welfare?
Humanely and ethically sourced food is now top of the shopping list. Fortunately, crickets don’t feel pain. They have a simple central neural system. When they are due to be harvested they are put to sleep by using a freezing technique which mimics diapause, their natural state of sleeping. They are farmed in modern clean facilities and are used to living in dense population.

How can I start eating crickets?
We’ve taken care of all the hard bits for you. We’ve removed all the wings and legs and nasty bits. Our tasty Hoppa products are ready for you to enjoy as either cricket pasta, cricket protein powder or cricket gluten-free baking flour.

But what do crickets taste like, do they taste as good as veg?
Well…once they’ve been milled and finely ground, they can be added into various meals. Some people say that the crickets have a slightly nutty taste. Here at Hoppa, we think they taste delicious, especially when baked in a muffin if we do say so ourselves!