Imagine there were a food so super, that was packed with complete protein and loads of other essential nutrients, that was also sustainable and planet friendly. Imagine this food tasted great and could help nourish the hungry and also be a staple food for wealthier nations. A food that satisfied those looking for animal-based protein rather than plant-based protein, yet didn’t involve questionable, resource hungry, farming practices.
Now imagine that this veritable superfood already existed, but because of what it looks like, was eschewed by many as being a bit, well, icky…
Of course, we’re talking about crickets. And we’ll admit, because of social constructs, what we’re taught as kids in fairy tales, what we see in Hollywood blockbusters or simply because it’s “what everyone else does”, most people, in the Western world at least, don’t like the idea of eating creepy crawlies.
Why Crickets are So Super
But please, let us explain the beauty of this superfood. Firstly, we can help you get over the squeamish factor because all Hoppa products – our protein powders, baking flours and pastas – are made with ground up roasted crickets, so all you’ll notice is their mild and delicate nutty flavour. There’s no legs, wings or crunchy bits to deal with. We take care of all that.
Secondly, their nutritional profile is pretty darn decent, even when roasted and ground to a powder. They’re packed with protein, two to three times more protein than beef, in fact. They also contain important vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B12. They’re a great source of fibre and ‘good fats’ such as omega 3 fatty acids too.
And thirdly, the farming of crickets for food uses far less land, feed, water, time and energy than the farming of our more usual meat protein sources – cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The global population is heading for a steep rise and to cope with it, we need to start looking for alternatives to livestock to adorn our dinner plates. Now.
To not start experimenting with crickets in your diet, is to be left behind. That’s our firm belief. With Hoppa, you can add cricket flour to your baking, use it in your post-gym protein shake or cook up an Italian storm with our pastas. So why not have a little try today? We could just change your life…