Crickets, and many other types of insects, have been eaten for centuries. This is particularly the case in developing countries where they’re viewed not just as a nutritious food source, but a delicacy to be enjoyed. Despite this, many people in western cultures still question whether crickets are safe to eat. These concerns have posed a challenge to the promotion of edible insects, discouraging less adventurous people from enjoying them at the dinner table.

What are the risks of eating crickets?

Many people wonder if there are risks of eating crickets. This isn’t surprising, particularly as many of us have been preconditioned to steer clear of bugs. They’re often viewed as dirty and, in many cases, a menace to society. However, once you break free from these societal norms, it’s easy to appreciate the many benefits of eating crickets. As well as being one of the best protein sources on the planet, they’re also sustainable. They pollute less than any other protein of animal origin in regards to the use of water, space, and CO2 emissions.

There are minimal risks to eating crickets, particularly if you buy them from a reputable supplier. Although you can collect crickets pretty much anywhere in the wild, it’s usually safest to purchase them in the form of cricket powder or cricket flour that has been carefully produced. Cricket powder is very high in protein, has similar baking properties to normal flour, and has a somewhat nutty flavour. You can also buy cricket pasta at our online store.

Is it dangerous to eat crickets raw?

Commercially farmed crickets are safe to eat raw since they’ve been fed a clean diet. However, wild crickets can be unpleasant and sometimes even parasitic if they’ve been feeding upon things that may make them unsafe to eat. They can carry nematodes, so it’s a good idea to cook them before you eat them. When you purchase crickets from Hoppa, you can rest assured that they’re completely safe to eat. Expertly milled to create high-quality cricket flour, protein powder, and pasta, you can enjoy eating these nutritious edible insects safely.

Crickets are good for your health – here’s why

Aside from being safe to eat, crickets are actually incredibly good for your health. They are extremely nutritious, even compared to more traditional sources of meat. Crickets are an excellent source of important nutrients, particularly lean protein, minerals, and vitamins. They contain around 65% protein, which is higher than chicken. In addition to containing high amounts of protein, crickets contain chitin and various other fibres that influences gut health. They can improve the natural bacteria in the gut (microbiome) and reduce inflammation within your body.

Crickets are edible and safe to eat in most cases. Whilst you should be wary of eating wild crickets raw, you don’t need to worry if they’ve been commercially farmed or they’ve been cooked. Browse our great range of cricket flour, cricket powder, and cricket pasta and start enjoying the many benefits of these versatile edible insects today.